Tagalog translation for poor in Manila

Dr. Tod Allman (president and co-founder of TBTA) has been living in Manila with his family for almost two years now. He has worked with native speakers to produce an accurate TBTA model of Tagalog – one of the national languages of the Philippines. (He is also currently working on at least two other small languages which have no Old Testament, and TBTA’s goal and prayer is to expand to many of the country’s 183 languages).

We have partnered with freeillustratedbible.com to produce Bible portions in illustrated format. We are working with local Christians to distribute these to poor youth in Manila. The response has been wonderful – thank God for helping us to find this practical method for creating interest in reading His Word amongst some of the neediest children in the world.

Below are some examples of our new Tagalog translation from the book of Ruth. Thanks for praying for and supporting our work in this country! Also, please visit freeillustratedbible.com to see English versions of the illustrated Bible.




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